Fireproof Brake Hose

The aim here is that the function of the brake hose is retained as long as possible. A typical example is a fire in a tunnel. Here you have won extra time to leave the tunnel.

The brake hose has been filled with compressed air under constant pressure. Then the triangular torch was ignited to heat up the hose. The graphic shows the temperature profiles at the various measuring points and the change in the internal (over) pressure.

At the end of the test series, it was striking that the heated hose with constant pressure did not burst, but was leaking very slowly because the temperature-resistant fiber tissue in the hose has stabilized the hose and only a small leakage appeared.

Technical parameters:

  • Inside diameter: 1-5/41 Inch
  • Outside diameter: 1-57/64 Inch
  • Theoretical burst pressure: 1125 psi
  • Weight: 0,87 lbs/ft
  • Max.manufactured length: 131 ft