3D Scanner – ROMER Hexagon Metrology INFINITE

Technical Parameters Scanning Arm:

  • Patented rotation axes without rotation limiting
  • Highly reproducible push-button quick-change system with automatic probe recognition
  • Wireless communication
  • Heidenhain angular encoders manufactured
  • Carbon fiber construction of the measuring arm for greater stability and therefore more independent to temperature changes than aluminum or steel
  • Changing of button without tools, recalibration and measurement program interruption during a measurement sequence
  • Mobile use
  • Coefficient of linear expansion 0.25 μ/°C/m

ScanWorks V5

This sensor works on the principle of laser triangulation. That means that the scanner detects the profile lines that form the planar fanned light from a solid-state laser on the surface of the measured object. The operator easily controls the data collection via buttons on the measuring arm. The individual profile lines are transferred into a common coordinate system via the position of the measuring arm. By combining these profile lines a 3D image of the component topology finally is created.

With up to 7640 points along the laser line at a frequency of 60 Hz ScanWorks provides an excellent data density. This sensational scan rate of up to 458400 points per second gives a minimum resolution of 12 μm.

The calibration of the optical sensor is done completely separate from the measuring probe. Within a few minutes, the operator can adjust the sensor to the coordinate system of the portable KGM, without first having to calibrate the sensor. The factory rectification of the sensor ensures a measurement accuracy of 24 μm 20 over the entire field of view.

Technical Paremeters Sensor:

  • Dimensions: 115x100x80mm
  • Weight: 438g
  • Profile Thickness: 7640 points / line
  • Updating Frequency: 60Hz
  • Scan-Rate: 458400 points / second
  • Medium point-to-point resolution: 0,0137 mm
  • Measuring distance: 100 mm
  • Depth of field of view: 110 mm
  • Width (short-range): 93 mm
  • Width (medium-range): 105 mm
  • Width (long-range): 140 mm
  • Measuring accurancy: 0,0240 mm 2 (Corner Test)
  • Feature resolution: 0,0045 mm 2 (Ball Test)
  • Sensor-repeatability: 0,0050 mm 2 (Ball Test)
  • Laser protection class Class: 2M, Wave Length 660 nm
  • Certifications: UL, CSA, CE
  • Operating environment: 10°C to 40°C
  • Protection: IP64 (Sensor) / IP31 (Control Unit)