DEA Global Performance 575

This is our staffs´ most modern measurement device available. Different measuring sensors for different applications support the work. Whether it is complex shapes such as turbine blades, molds, models or even sheet metal parts or other curved shapes does not matter. Also parts for a re-design can be measured and developed further but also series parts can be processed further. The resulting test protocol can be used further on by our technicians.

Technical Data:

  • Size 500/700/500mm
  • Measuring accuracy 1,5+L/333µm
  • Scan software PC-DMIS CAD++

Circulating air bearings on precision machined dovetail guides ensure optimal reproducibility and long-term system stability. Easy-to-maintain, preloaded Belleville springs ensure a constant force over the entire travel of the machine.

Steel reinforced belt drives with elliptical tooth profile to reduce engine vibration at high scanning speeds.

Accessible from all sides measuring area need little space and flexible measuring executions.

A temperature compensation and the suitable software for point measurement and their processing complete this instrument.